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Theo Dijkman

"We see the world through our idea of who we think we are. Our model of the universe is based on our model of ourselves."

Stephen Levine




workshops and training

I have been offering workshop and training programmes in Scotland since 2003. The programme was based on the ideas and principles of psychosynthesis, a psychology of hope. Psychosynthesis emphasises that human suffering arises not only from our history but also from not listening to the call of becoming who we are truly meant to be. Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis emphasised that we are on a journey of both psychological and spiritual development.

For ten years I was part of the senior faculty team of the Institute of Psychosynthesis offering training on their MA psychotherapy programme validated by Middlesex University. I had a special interest in Creative Mind Development, Endings, Right Relations groupwork, the Hero’s Journey, and the psychodynamic modules.

During 2019 I brought my seminar work with the Institute of Psychosynthesis to a close and for now have put the programme of workshops in Scotland on hold. I intend to develop a Psychosynthesis study group in 2020.

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